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Having an impeccable website on mobiles, tablets and computers is, today, an obligation for all webmasters!

Based on a "mobile-first" development with Bootstrap, MiDire will adapt to different screen sizes with a rendering optimized for each device, with a perfectly responsive site using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery plugins.

The creators of plugins, of skins propose their creations to you to enrich the functions and the design of the sites, they are available on

MiDire ensures the compatibility of your site with all recent browsers, we recommend the use of Firefox for the protection of your data and your private life.

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 frsigns/news.pngUkraine has broken the naval blockade of Russia - 21/09/2023 » 11:50 by cronywell
Ukraine has broken the naval blockade of Russia; the first grain ship is already in Istanbul

The Resilient Africa cargo ship crossed the Bosphorus Strait on Thursday, becoming the first Ukrainian grain ship to reach the Black Sea through a temporary corridor. Citing sources that monitor maritime traffic in the area.

Ukrainian officials said the Palau-flagged ship Resilient Africa had an international crew that left the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk on Tuesday with a cargo of 3,000.20 tons of wheat. A "small test batch." The Aroyat ship with almost 4,000 tons of cargo is expected to depart next. Ukraine is the region's second-largest grain exporter after Russia, achieving a record wheat harvest for the second year in a row.

The new shipping corridor for Ukraine's main export item is not comparable to the previous one, neither in terms of volume nor security.

But for Ukraine, which faces an invasion by Russian forces, any ship carrying corn or wheat heading to the Black Sea is vital. It needs to sell its crops and there are fewer export routes every day due to Russian aggression and dissatisfaction in some EU states with the import of cheap Ukrainian grain. After withdrawing from the grain export agreement, Russia declared all ships bound for Ukrainian ports military objectives, which, together with the danger of planted mines, de facto closed the Black Sea route to most aircraft carriers.

In early September, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attempted to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to restore a safe corridor from Odessa to Istanbul, but Putin rejected the proposal. As a result, Ukraine agreed to an alternative route with Turkey, and at the end of August five ships that had been stuck in Ukrainian ports since February last year, when the Russian invasion began, passed through this humanitarian corridor.

Experts have warned that the Kremlin's attempts to crack down on Ukraine's grain exports, the associated effort to deprive it of revenue and get rid of its main grain rival, could result in an escalation in the Black Sea region and disruption of Russian grain supplies, which would result in a jump in global food prices.

According to the Russian analysis company Sovecon, it is politically important for kyiv to demonstrate that it can export grain by sea from the Odessa terminals, even without a deal and without Russian participation. "Moscow will certainly try to cut off supplies through this corridor to show its strength in the Black Sea," analysts said.


The last note

 frsigns/magia.pngUser Epistemology  -  by cronywell

“Culture is the vital system of ideas at all times. It doesn't matter that these ideas or convictions are not, in part or in whole, scientific. Culture is not science. It is characteristic of our current culture that a large portion of its content comes from entertainment; But in other cultures, it was not like that, nor is it said that in ours it is always like that to the same extent as now. This leads us to confirm that the great majority do not possess the vital system of ideas about the world and man corresponding to time. That average character is the new barbarian, behind his time, archaic and primitive compared to the terrible present. Today we are all technology users, but what percentage of the population is capable of manufacturing a cell phone, for example, or simply understanding exactly how its components work, not just their normal use. Are there teachers capable of explaining each of the parts that make it up and how they work, from the circuit, the battery, the display? If we want to be an advanced country, we must acquire the technological Know How of everything we use today. “To be able to research, develop, national technology.

” Platon said it 420 years a/c “KNOWLEDGE WILL MAKE YOU FREE”.


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